My boyfriend and I decided to take a day tour trip near Manila (since my parents does not allow me have overnight trip with my boyfriend. *Insert strict parents here*). First stop is Sonya’s Garden.

Sonya’s Garden is very well known place for wedding and reception venues. You may also visit their website here.

There is no entrance fee when you came here however they have Panaderia (Bread and Pastry shop) where you can buy fresh from the oven breads. We bought 2 cheesy hopia after our tour. (Cost 100.00 to 150.00 pesos. Sorry I forgot)

Here’s a look on one of their reception areas.

This beautiful fountain beside the reception area.

They also have spa services but we didn’t avail them as we still have more things to do. 

They also have The Apothecary shop wherein they are selling organic soaps and other organic products.

They also have this beautiful sofa’s where you can take a selfies.

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The Review

  • Sonya’s Garden is such a nice place for intimate wedding events. They also offer bed and breakfast, spa and order great foods.
  • Great for couples because the place is to quiet and you can dream of your own wedding events here.

The Price

  • No Entrance Fee, we just bought Cheesy Hopia from the Panaderia

The Verdict

  • I wanted to try out their spa and their restaurant. Will surely go back to this place.


Thank you Sonya’s Garden.