Next stop on our tagaytay trip is the Puzzle Mansion. 

It is located down the slope. The blue roof is the Puzzle Mansion. 

Entrance fee is 100.00 pesos. 

Puzzle Mansion holds the Guinness World Record for the largest jigsaw puzzle.

Here’s a look inside the Puzzle Mansion.

They also have different kinds of puzzle such as 3D Puzzles 

On the second floor there’s a store where you can buy puzzles.

This large puzzle is also located at the second floor. If you bring your kids with you or if you’re still kids at heart. Playing jigsaw puzzle here is  free…

They also offer bed and breakfast for those who want to stay. 

They also have stand-by jeep that cost 5.00 pesos if you worry about climbing up the slope. 
Thank you Puzzle Mansion.