Last April 16 and 17, we planned to have our very first family outing. Since we have four senior citizens in our family (that includes my mom and dad) we try to look in a place where we can enjoy the heat and swim all day somewhere near Manila and luckily we  decided to have our summer escapade in Les Caraibes in Laiya,Batangas.

I thought that our travel time from Pasig to Laiya,Batangas would take about 3-4 hours travel time. We left the house at around 6AM and arrive at 1PM. It took us 7 hours because of heavy traffic.

After that long seating and sleeping hours, we finally arrived at our summer destination.

The weather is perfect.
The place is nice and clean.
We expect that the place will be crowded since it’s summer. Luckily, it’s not crowded at all.

We grab our bags and went to our designated rooms. After that we prepared food for lunch.

They also have these facilities

  • Family room
  • Regular room
  • Air-Conditioned Cottage with Kitchen and Dinning Area
  • Regular Cottage
  • Mini Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Picnic Area
  • Volleyball Area
  • Common restroom

We took our lunch at the picnic area. (See below image located at left section)

Here’s a panoramic view of the beach taken at the picnic area.

The waves were too strong that day but still we enjoyed it. Some of the seaweeds were swimming with us too.

At night, we have our campfire. We were too excited, we even brought marshmallows, sticks and tent.

The excitement in our face were gone when we found out that they will put the woods inside the large can.

They also told us that they cannot place it on the sand because it’s too difficult to clean the ash and woods once it burns out so we don’t argue with that.

We still continue with our campfire…on a huge can…

People also set-up their tents and some of them lit up some sky lanterns.

To finish up the night, we also encountered unexpected fireworks and brownouts.

The next morning we swim again. Luckily, no waves for us.

The Verdict

Fun and Experience

  • Friendly staffs
  • Nice and clean place

Cottages and Rooms

  • Clean and Organize
  • Air Conditioned Room
  • Good thing is that the room we occupied is the largest family room but the bad thing is that they don’t provide us key since it’s a sliding-type door. I guess regular room have their own key since the door is not sliding-type.

Common Restroom

  • Restroom are not really maintained.


  • Brownout at night. I don’t know if this happened every night but that night every 10 to 15 mins the electricity went on and off.

Will I come back?

  • Definitely Yes, but I hope that they fix the common restroom and the electricity as well since the place is so nice.


  • 4 out of 5


Thanks you Les Caraibes. We will see you again soon.