I recently bought online products at BeautyMNL which is Hana Shampoo and Body Wash.

It was on sale  for about Php 105 for two (2) 380ml Hana Shampoo and two (2) 208ml Hana Body Wash

Hana Soft & Silky Shampoo

The Product

  • At first I was really hesitant to buy this product as the ingredient is made 100% natural and my hair is very sensitive. I’m too afraid to use other product because I haven’t got any dandruff at all. PINKY SWEAR.
  • First week. It was just like so, so. My hair, still the same. No dandruff effect. No change at all.
  • 3rd to 4th week. I can now feel that my hair becomes so soft and the fragrance. I love it.
  • Present. I still use it. I’m halfway through the bottle.

The Price

  • Supermarket: Php 156 per bottle
  • BeautyMNL: Php 105 + 50 pesos shipping fee
  • Savings: Php 156 for the free bottle.

The Verdict

  • 5 out of 5
  • I really love it! Thumbs up!!!

Hana Soothe Body Wash Set

The Product

  • The smell, the smoothness on my skin, the bubbles? Oh the bubbles. I LOVE IT. No words can express how much I love the bodywash!

The Price

  • Supermarket: Php 85.50 (Buy 1 Take 1)
  • BeautyMNL: Php 143 + 50 pesos shipping fee
  • Savings: No savings at all. If I just check the grocery first before purchasing it. I might have save Php 107.50.

The Verdict

  • 5 out of 5
  • I still love the product though I lost 107.50 pesos.

Lesson Learned

  • Check first on the supermarket before purchasing online products.


Thank you Hana and BeautyMNL